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What Is Indian Penal Code (IPC) in Indian Legal System

What is Indian Penal Code: It's an official and comprehensive rule book or code of criminal penal code. IPC is nothing but the law of crimes. IPC has a total of 511 sections which is accordingly divided into 23 chapters.

What Is Indian Penal Code
Drafting Of Indian Penal Code,1860

What Is Indian Penal Code or Criminal Penal Code

IPC is an official and comprehensive rule book or code which deals with the punishments of crime. The objective of this code is to provide a general penal code for India.

The Indian Penal Code was drafted by the "First Indian Law Commission" constituted in 1834. Lord Macaulay was the president of this commission. Apart from Lord Macaulay, there were other three members in the commission, They were Lord Mcleod, Anderson, and Millet.

The first draft of IPC or criminal penal code was submitted to Governor-General Of India "George Eden". After that, the draft was revised twice and then finally passed on October 6, 1860. Further, it became operational from January 1, 1862.

The Penal Code covers a vast range of anti-social behavior in relation to society. For example, It covers and provides punishment for offenses against the state, against society, and offenses affecting the human body, property, and reputation. This is what is Indian Penal Code or criminal penal code is all about

It codifies social offenses like offenses relating to public tranquility, elections, offenses against public justice, and religion. The entire code can be codified into two distinct categories :

  • General principles

  • Specific offenses

General principles relating to jurisdiction, basic principles of criminal law and liability, and provisions relating to general exceptions from criminal liability.

Specific Offenses relate to crimes like murder (section 300) , forgery (section 463 ) , robbery (section 390 ) etc.

Summary: In this blog, we discussed what is Indian Penal Code or criminal penal code. Now, after going through this blog you must have understood the basic structure of the Penal Code. Penal Code is nothing but a rule book that is drafted to protect the interest of the citizens by setting some rules, breaking of which would be considered as offense and the same will be held liable for punishment under IPC. In addition to the Indian penal code, there are two more codes that go hand in hand in accordance with the Indian penal code of India, those are 'Civil procedure code' and 'Criminal procedure code'. So, this was a brief introduction to What is Indian Penal Code or IPC or criminal penal code.


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